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A Superior Door, Inside and Out

Premium Construction

For each door we build, we employ construction methods that we believe in and materials that will last. Every door begins with a rigid steel core, made with 1” thick welded reinforced bars. Each core is insulated (R-value 5) and wrapped in 1/4" of solid wood. And, we offer a full line of quality handle hardware and closure options (sold separately).

Rigid steel core

Each door is built with an internal steel grid for a core. This core, as well as other proprietary technologies allows us to build a door that resists warping.

Solid Wood Face

Each door is wrapped in beautiful solid wood. We offer a range of wood species to go standard with our doors. We source direct from the biggest companies in the wood industry to get you the best product at an economical price point. With our in-house mill, we can ensure that you get the face you are looking for, on time. If you would like a wood variety that is not standard, in most cases we can source other wood types, though prices will vary.

Precision Woodwork

We pride ourselves on our reputation as woodworkers. When it comes to trim-work and face construction, we stand on decades of experience. Each door is trimmed by hand with precision and symmetry. Whether we are executing straight lines, pockets, grooves, biscuits, or rabbets, we demand a flawless product.

Our doors are made by master carpenters using proprietary technologies and the best materials available.

Dynamic Customization Options

Because each door is made-to-order, built to your custom specifications, we take time and attention in determining correct proportions and construction for each new project. As wood type, glass options, size, site application, and style vary, we create distinct plans to account for your projects particular needs. We work with you to form the door that is architecturally congruent and aesthetically consistent for your site. When it comes to building the door you want, we offer you lots of options to help you get the door that fits your vision. At our company, we don't just customize the door design, we customize the entire experience of getting a door for your building project. We're here to work with you.


Our pivot hardware is solid, versatile, and to a limited degree, adjustable. We offer a selection of handles. Our standard hardware set up is a deadbolt and pull handle with roller latches. This configuration offers a simplicity that matches the form and function of the modern pivot door itself. We offer hardware in a dynamic range of form and function. Check out our online selection or communicate to our designers the hardware you plan to install.

Handle prep

We can prep for just about any type of handle or closure you could ask for. Whether you purchase handle hardware from our online shop or not, Pivot Door Company will prep each door with whatever mortises or bores you want.


We create entire entry units: our work isn’t done until your entire entryway is transformed. Choose from a variety of sidelight configurations. You have the option to include any configuration of left, right, or top sidelights. We build sidelights and transom lights directly into the doorjamb as one unit to create a stronger seamless appearance for your entryway.


We make 1” tempered, double-paned (insulated) glass the standard for all of our windows and lights, both in the door and in the sidelight units, unless otherwise customized. Because we work directly with an architectural glass manufacturer, we can provide you with any standard specifications available in the window industry. You can vary the glass pattern (e.g., clear, frost, rain, reflective, etc.) or glass construction (e.g., low e, laminated, etc.).