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Climate and Your Door

Snow covered home in New Jersey with pivot entry door

A Pivot Door Built with Nature in Mind

A Door without Borders

Beautiful homes know no geographic limitations and neither do our doors. You'll find our doors in homes spread across the continent, from Florida to British Columbia. Dealing with the elements is never a simple task, and we take weatherproofing very seriously. Who else makes an internal steel grid a standard feature? As you consider what kind of entryway you wish to purchase, please consider how your door will stand up to the elements over time. Just as you would protect any other investment, consider all the ways you will need to protect your home and your entryway.
Modern home in Seattle with pivot entry door

Customizable for Regional Building Codes

At Pivot Door Company, we do our best to build a door that meets whatever construction specifications you provide. Be advised, however, we are a manufacturing company and not an engineering firm, testing laboratory, or certifying agency. Therefore, if you live in a region with unique building code requirements, you or a third-party you contract must provide the specifications necessary to meet those unique building code requirements (e.g., Florida's hurricane-related construction requirements). As a manufacturing company that ships nationally, we are not familiar with local regulations, filings, or government procedures. You must rely on local third-party entities to obtain approvals, certifications, testing, or ratings required by your region's unique building requirements. Such local third-party entities include, but are not limited to: engineering firms, building contractors, and testing laboratories. Pivot Door Company will work with the engineers and third-parties you hire, but we will not take final responsibility for whether or not the door meets any requirements for approval. We promise to build the door the engineer specifies, but the validity of certification rests solely in the hands of the contracted engineer.

Insulated Glass

A pivot entry door forms part of your home's energy system. To reduce heat transfer in any climate, we make 1" insulated glass standard on all windows and lights. Of course, we are able to customize the glass with additional efficiency upgrades if your project calls for it.
insulated glass with breather tubes

Altitude and Glass

As you ship insulated glass across different altitudes you must account for the changes in air pressue. Each piece of glass we ship over significant altitude changes comes with a breather tube, allowing for a change in air pressure once the door and glass arrive at their final destination.
home in California with pivot entry door

Engineered for Lasting Performance

Over the life of our company, we have honed our construction process to make a door that weathers moisture and temperatures with excellent performance. That is what we offer. If you follow the instructions in the Finish and Care Guide as well as adhere to the points laid out in the product Warranty, your pivot door will bring beauty to your home for years to come. Each pivot door is designed and constructed with the individual project location in mind. Protect your door and your door will protect you.