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Would you be able to produce drawings for our architect to review once we have sent you the measurements?

We are happy to produce drawings once the payment has been made for the order. If you would like drawings before you place the order, we charge $50 for the drawings, which cost will be applied to the price of the door if you place an order.

Can we see a local door?

In most cases this is not possible. Because we respect our customers privacy a great deal, we do not share their information or ask that they act as a showroom.

Do you have a showroom?

We are an internet-based company, with sales scattered across the country, and we keep our prices low by not maintaining showrooms.

Would you be able to send some detail photos of the edges of a sample door, the lock set, and the handle, so we have an idea of the finish of the edges and hardware?

We are happy to send detail photos of wood, door elements, and hardware for customers who are prepared to purchase a door.

Will you send me pictures of front and back prior to shipping?

We are happy to send photos prior to shipping if you make the request known ahead of time.

Will you send us drawings of what a change will look like, as the proportions have changed from our original drawing?

We are committed to working with you to make sure we are building the design and specs you need. We will create a limited number of technical drawings. If we feel like the number of changes is excessive, we will charge $50 for each set of drawings past that limit.

Can you send us some typical details?

While we do not present drawings before order placement as a standard practice, we will send detail drawings typical of most doors if you have a specific question about weather-proofing, or other end-user concerns.

Can you provide me with a catalog of pivot wood doors designs?

We are an internet-based company, with sales scattered across the country, and at present, our web site serves as our principal catalog and marketing material.



Can I replace my conventional door with a pivot door?

Yes, you can, depending on the size you order. Be sure that you have the proper clearances to allow the door to operate properly. You may consider consulting with a local contractor.

Do you do custom doors? Or just what’s on the website? Can I give you a picture?

Yes, half the doors we send out are custom. We are happy to build your custom door, though customization usually brings the price up. We can customize one of the designs on our website, or we can work from an image or a detailed description that you provide.

Do you offer sidelight doors that are operable?

We are not set up to build units with an operable sidelight door.

Can we do a rain-screen?

Because of the door unit construction, it is not feasible to attach a rain-screen to the face of the door; however, it is possible to use the same wood from the rain-screen for the door facing.

Do you build metal doors?

At present we do not offer metal doors. We have a number of wood species that allow for some of the desirable characteristics found in a metal door, including paint grade wood and durable, weather resistant wood.

Do you do aluminum frames?

At present we do not offer aluminum frames as an option for our door units.

Can we do a door that’s not a pivot?

While we do not build doors that have other hardware systems, we are happy to build you a door leaf into which you can install your own hardware, hinge or otherwise. However, such a door leaf may not carry the same warranty as our standard products.

Does the door fit into a storefront or curtain wall?

We can work with you to design and size a door unit that fits cleanly into a storefront or curtain wall.

Do you do Ergon or Ellison pivot systems?

At present, we do not offer doors that operate with these proprietary hardware set ups.

Can we use our own facing? Can we apply a face to your door once it arrives to the work site?

We have done this on several occasions and we are willing to make sure the door construction will accommodate an applied face.

Can we ship you our own materials for the face and jamb?

If you have a specific lot of wood that you want to match, you may wish to send us materials from that lot. If this is a requirement for your project, we are happy to work with you.



What are the doors made of? What is the construction?

Each door is made of solid wood with a welded steel core.

How thick is the door?

Our doors come at a standard thickness of 2 1/4 in.

What is the thickness of the exterior veneer wood? I want to make sure we’re not just using 1/16” or 1/32” veneers that wont’ hold up.

Each door is wrapped on all sides with solid wood that is at least ½ in. thick.

The minimum size? Maximum size? What size should my door be?

While we can make pivot doors of any size, there are a few guidelines to consider when planning your door size.

Height: In terms of height minimum, we generally start at 82 in. and go up from there. There is a significant price jump on any door over 12 ft. tall because it requires special engineering. Otherwise, generally speaking, your project requirements will place greater restraint on your height than the pivot door’s engineering. When trying to determine the door height, it is best to go off of what will look best in the space and how much room you have to frame out the door.

Maximum Width: There is a significant price jump on any door over 7 ft. wide because it requires special engineering.

Minimum Width: Most customers choose a door that is 48 in. wide. We can build smaller doors but there are several reasons to make 48 in. the minimum. First off, each door must have a minimum pass through of 36 in. Now, add onto this the 1 ½ in. jamb sides and the amount you want to offset the pivot, and you have to have a door that is at least 42 in. This size, though, will only leave a two in gap on the pivot side of the door, which does not present clear statement about the pivoting nature of the door—defeating the purpose of getting a pivot door in the first place in many cases.

Estimated weight of the unit?

A 5 ft. by 8 ft. door weighs approximately 300 pounds.

What are the threshold dimensions?

Type 1 thresholds are ½ in. tall, and Type 2 thresholds are 1 1/4 in. tall.

Where should we put the pivot?

Generally speaking, we suggest placing the pivot over one quarter of the distance of the door width. We find that this presents a solid aesthetic for most door dimensions.



Can we do a different kind of wood from what you have?

In most cases, we can source other wood types that are not listed on our web site. The price of wood types not listed on our web site can vary due to availability.

What kind of wood should I use?

Each type of wood has unique properties that can help in determining which you should choose for your project. Density, color, porosity, grain, and grade all factor into your wood choice. For example, White Oak is a more dense wood, which makes it heavier, but it also makes is extremely resistant to changes in moisture. On the other hand, Maple is not usually used as an exterior wood because of how much it swells up when exposed to moisture.

Hardness: White Oak and Red Oak are our hardest wood types, followed by Mahogany, then Walnut. Cedar and Fir are soft woods that dent and damage easily, especially when part of a door as heavy as a pivot door.

Color and Grain: Every tree is different, and so, no matter what sample of wood you look at, whether we send it to you or whether you look at a sample from your local lumber store, the wood for the door will come from a different lot and have variations. Some woods vary more than others. For example, Walnut and Mahogany vary greatly in color (from dark to light) and grain pattern, with flames of all different sizes. White and Red Oak vary much less with color, but still have a lot of variation in grain patterns. When we select wood for each project, we take time to match colors and grains to make a unified composition.

Will you send us samples of the different wood species?

We will send wood samples, although, it is notable to remember that every tree is different, and so, no matter what sample of wood you look at, whether we send it to you or whether you look at a sample from your local lumber store, the wood for the door will come from a different lot and have variations.

Do you use a veneer for the face of the door?

The standard plank thickness for every door we build is at least 1/4 in. thick. If you wish for your door to be constructed with a veneer facing, you must request this specifically.

Can we get clear walnut?

As a rule, we do our very best to select wood planks that are free of knots and dramatic discolorations. However, clear Walnut is found only in furniture grade, and all furniture grade walnut is milled into veneer. Therefore, the only way we can ensure that the walnut is completely clear is to build the door with a walnut veneer.

Is the jamb the same type of wood?

As a rule, the jamb is constructed form the same type of wood as the door facing, unless otherwise requested.



What is the closer upgrade?

Generally used in commercial applications, the closer pulls the door shut. Most residential buyers prefer to go with a free-swing, rather than have a closer. With a closer you have to hold the door, if you want it to remain open.

Can we use our own handle or lockset hardware?

Yes, you can use your own handle or lockset. If you wish for us to prep for your handle or lockset, you will need to give us the specifications as soon as possible. In some cases, for nonstandard items, it will be best to send the hardware to our shop for prepping.

Is the pivot hardware included?

Yes, the pivot hardware is included, already installed in both the leaf and jamb.

Do the handles work on other doors?

Yes, our handles work with other doors.

Do you offer a three point locking system?

Yes, we offer a three point locking systems with our handle sets.

What hardware do you use for the pivot?

We use Dorma technology systems for our pivot hardware.



Is the glass insulated?

Our standard option for glass is a tempered, double-paned, insulated glass.

What options do you have for glass?

Because we work directly with an architectural glass manufacturer, we can provide you with any specifications available in the window industry.



How long before you ship my door?

Doors are shipped within 6 weeks after order is placed. Large orders can sometimes add days to the construction period. We occasionally are over booked with many orders but we take pride in our ability to quickly ship orders.

How does it ship?

Our standard shipment goes out by FedEx Freight® Curbside Delivery. This means a driver will arrive at the delivery site, and though he will sometimes assist in getting the door off of the truck or use a pallet jack to move it up the driveway, it is best if you have 2-3 able-bodied individuals waiting to help unload the crate off of the truck, to help balance the crate as the driver lowers the crate with the lift-gate.

Does the shipper call?

Though it is not policy, generally the shipper calls ahead of time to set up a delivery window.

How big of a delivery window do they give you?

Usually, FedEx Freight calls the day before to set up a 2-3 hour delivery window.

Can I pick up from your factory and save shipping?

Yes, we allow for costumers to pick up from the factory or make you own arrangements for shipping. Please contact us if you wish to make such arrangements. The shipping rate can be reimbursed if already paid.

What is the lead-time?

In general, our lead-time is 6 weeks.



What is the rough opening size?

The rough opening is the size from stud to stud for framing purposes.

How big does the rough opening need to be? Will 1/2" shim be sufficient? 

We advise that you build a rough opening that is ½ in. wider and 1/2 in. taller than the total door unit. We find that this allows for sufficient shimming and adjustments during installation.

Do you have local installation?

We are not currently affiliated with any installation crews, neither in Colorado nor in other regions of the country. The installation process is a surprisingly straightforward process that can be accomplished by any local door installation crew with the instructions found on our website.

How does installing the door work?

Each standard order comes with a door slab and jamb. The jamb is assembled in the factory to ensure proper fit, and then it is disassembled to protect during shipment. Once you receive the door, you can use the instructions and numbered pieces to re-assemble the jamb. Once the jamb is together you simply place and secure into the rough opening as with any standard door unit. The pivot hardware comes preinstalled in the jamb, however, you will need to perform some on-site calibrations. General speaking, pivot doors are heavy; so, it is recommended that you have a team of 3 to 4 laborers install the door.

Do I need to hire someone to install the door?

Most people choose to hire a carpenter to install their door. Installing a pivot door is different from installing a more conventional door, so the person that is performing the work needs to be informed. If you feel you are capable of completing the installation correctly, the decision is left to your own discretion. Keep in mind that the warranty does no cover damage resulting from improper installation.

Do we have to attach the pivot hardware? How do we do that?

All pivot hardware is installed in our shop during door and jamb construction. If you order a Type 1 threshold, you will need to install the bottom pivot to the floor according to the instructions, attaching the pivot to subfloor then laying threshold over top of pivot.

Do we have to cut into the floor? How does the pivot attach to the floor?

Generally speaking, you will not need to cut into the floor. On all standard Type 1 thresholds, the pivot attaches directly to the floor. On all standard Type 2 thresholds, the pivot is already installed. You will only need to cut into the floor if you order a door with a closer, or if you order a door that exceeds our standard weight and requires a heavy duty pivot.

How is the glass sidelight installed? Is this something a general contractor can do, or does it take a window installer?

The glass sidelight is part of the entire door unit. When you assemble the jamb, you will assemble the sidelight as well, placing the glass in only after the door unit is in place. A general contractor can accomplish this task according to the instructions on our website.

What does “unfinished door” mean?

This means that the door will arrive without a protective waterproof membrane. The door will be raw wood with no color stain added. Doors need finishing, to protect the wood from moisture and other abrasive contact. Common finishing products are a form of polyurethane available at most home improvement stores.

Do we need to stain and finish the door myself?

Each door ships stain ready. This means that once the door arrives, it is the buyer’s responsibility to stain, finish and seal the door according to the care and finishing guide. Shipping the door to you stain-ready, allows you to color match to your preference.

How do I finish the door myself?

Processes vary widely. Consult a paint store or follow the steps provided by a chemical manufacture. See “Care and Finishing Guide” on our information page.

What is the deflection requirement?

Though we do not have a deflection requirement, it is suggested that the header deflection be 1/8 in.



Does the door seal completely?

Yes, our doors seal completely.

Does the door come with weather-stripping?

Yes, our doors include weather-stripping, including pre-installed top and bottom sweeps. Also, weather-stripping is built into the sides of the jamb.

Are the doors impact certified to comply with Florida’s hurricane code?

Our doors do not carry any impact certification; however, if you wish to hire a local engineer to write a letter of certification, we are happy to build the door to the engineer’s specifications.

Do your doors have North American Fenestration Standard rating?

Our doors carry no NAFS rating.



How do you buy a door? How does the process work?

To better understand the process of ordering a pivot door, check out our online Buying Guide.

Do you have contractor/dealer pricing?

If you are a contractor or other industry professional, please contact our sales team about pricing.

Can I get credit?

We do not offer credit to any buyers.

Is the jamb included?

Unless the customer requests otherwise, every door unit ships with a matching jamb.

Can I return the door if I don’t like it?

The doors are made custom to order so you cannot return the door for any reason other than a warranty replacement. All warranty replacements must be pre-authorized before any shipments are made.